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Aiko Igasaki has a minor in creative writing from Virginia Commonwealth University and is currently taking sketch classes at UCB Training Center, a school started by Amy Poehler that launched many well-known TV & film stars' careers. 


Aiko authors all sketches and scripts featured on her Youtube channel and has written content for BuzzFeed's Unsolved and As/Is channels.  

She has written two short films and many more sketches which can also be viewed on social media!

Her work focuses on subjects  such as her Japanese American identity, Feminism, her bisexual identity and her very cynical sense of humor. 


Short Stories

These short stories explore topics of depression, surrealism and loss.  

Press Kits

Fragmentation is a short film that explores the experience of Japanese incarceration with the added distance provided by social media.  It is dedicated to Aiko's Grandmother, A Nisei woman who passed in 2016.  Her stories and relationship to Aiko inspired this fim. 

To download the press kit for this film